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Surrogacy Programme

Infertility is just not the case of inability to conceive, it is also associated with social disgrace and dishonor and frequent infliction of stress and trauma an individual and couples suffer through. Well, on the brighter side this infliction is no longer an everlasting disease now.

With the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi is readily available, you can dream of becoming a proud parents even if you are suffering through infertility problems. Surrogacy is a good option for the couples who despite their all effort could not reproduce a child.

There are two kinds of surrogate.

Traditional surrogate: In this process the father sperm is inseminated into the surrogate womb in the best surrogacy centre in Delhi where it is fertilized with the surrogate eggs and pregnancy occurred. Then the surrogate carries the baby and delivers it on behalf of the intended couples.

In this way the surrogate becomes the biological mother of the child owing to her eggs are used for the fertilization. However one can use the donor eggs as well.

Gestational surrogates: Through the IVF technique, the surrogacy clinics in Delhi gather eggs from the mother and sperms from the father and they fertilized it in the medical lab. The resultant embryo is now implanted into the surrogate womb. She then bears the baby till its birth. Thus, she does not hold any biological link with the new born baby and therefore gestational surrogates are only a birth mother.

Mother’s lap is one of the most reliable and highly recommended surrogacy clinics in Delhi as well as the best surrogacy clinic in India. It is operated in the supreme guidance and leadership of Dr Shobha Gupta who is a well known IVF specialist in Delhi. One can opt for surrogacy treatment Delhi if a woman is having a problem in conceiving due to following reasons such as:
  • Damaged or blocked fallopian tubes or uterus
  • In case of hysterectomy in which uterus is removed
  • When life threatening risk is involved in pregnancy
  • In case of unexplained infertility problem
Under such circumstances the best surrogacy clinic in India propagates surrogacy the best way to deal with such problems. Mother’s lap offers state of the art surrogacy clinic in Delhi where all the surrogacy related requisition is managed under one roof, which in turn save your valuable time and money that is spent in doing several tests and checkups in various other places.

Mother’s lap, a great initiative in the field of infertility treatment is always at your service to help you accomplish your family by providing appropriate consultation regarding the selection of surrogates and comprehending the legal issues concerning surrogacy in India and also give you clear view of incurring surrogacy cost in Delhi.

Being the best surrogacy centre in Delhi we offer the unmatched and competitive surrogacy cost in Delhi. In addition to this, once you come into the aegis of mother’s lap, you become our responsibility as well as your successful surrogacy treatment Delhi is our prime priority. We understand that you enter the surrogacy clinic in Delhi as a layman; therefore we impart the help from the scratch such as filling the request form for surrogate, arranging the legal assistance, facilitates you with the accommodation, medicines and health checkups of the surrogates, screening and selection of surrogates or egg donor, embryo transfer with the experienced and well trained doctor and last but not the least we will do our level best to ensure you successful pregnancy and birth that illuminate your life with lots of love and happiness.

That’s why we are contemplated as the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi.

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