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In my opinion, if you want to have baby should go to Mother’s Lap. The reason why I am recommending is the fact that they make you feel so comfortable and ease your stress beside the treatment is all time clinical and impeccable.


Mother’s Lap IVF clinic is well equipped with all kinds of technology and instrument which is essential for ART. Whenever somebody asks me for any recommendation I straightaway refer them the name of Mother’s Lap because I know once you have your treatment done, you will be a satisfied customer.


After several years of marriage we could not able to conceive though we tried many things before we came in contact with Dr Shobha Gupta and their team of infertility expert. She gave us long and comprehensive counseling and remove our doubt and finally through ART procedure we have baby now. At Mother’s Lap our dream of a baby came alive.


I had been suffering the agony of infertility for the past seven long years. We had tried natural conception and IUI at different IVF clinic but result remain the same. Finally at Mother’s Lap my husband is diagnosed Globozoospermia. Such patient can’t conceive naturally as the acrosome cap which is necessary for penetrating the egg is absent. We went through ICSI modality treatment and the rest is history forever, right now I am 7 months into pregnancy due to the courtesy of mother’s Lap IVF clinic. 


The best thing about this clinic is their organic and pragmatic approach. They listen to our problems with all due attention and work very hard to make your dream come true. Believe me, this is the sign of greatness which is found lacking in many other clinics that I have contacted.


If God is the creator Dr Shobha Gupta and her team of experts IVF specialist is the miracle creator in the lives of their patients.


Honestly this clinic is worth trying, especially if you are the one who is driven from pillar to post in the pursuit of happiness (pregnancy). 


Never give up is the spirit of Dr Shobha Gupta and their team of experts in Mother’s Lap. They never give up till their last effort and put all their skills and experience to make you proud parents.


I had numerous miscarriages before and also I am over 35 so it’s getting harder and harder for me. I am almost on the brink of losing hope when I came to know about Mother’s Lap clinic. I enquired about the treatment record and reputation of the clinic and I got some good reviews. I give it a try, and after few months of dedicated treatment by Dr Shobha Gupta and her team I got a wonderful baby in my hand. So I strongly recommend all of you to no matter what’s your infertility condition is Dr Shobha’s blessed hands always have solution for you.


There are very few doctors who give tremendous hope, ambition and let’s do it together approach. Your dream and ambition are equally important for them as well. 


In my view the best part of Mother’s Lap IVF clinic is the state of the art facilities and any requisition which occurs from the beginning to the end of the treatment is easily available under one roof.


Doctor’s self recommendation has become a usual norm these days in order to lure patient but not in case of Mother’s Lap IVF specialists. They are more focused on giving the best treatment rather than blowing their own trumpet.


They never reject you or denied the treatment even when the investigation suggests that your chances of conceiving are very low. It shows how much they understand and value the emotions of others.


One thing doctors do not deliver today is the honest opinion and right guidance. It is the leading exponent for the success of IVF and surrogacy treatment. Luckily I find it here.


This IVF clinic is different from others in many ways. When we first contacted them, we were apprehensive about their quality of treatment, cost and most importantly their approach towards the new patients. In our very first meeting with the IVF specialists we had full in-depth conversation. They went through my complete medical history and asked lots of others relevant questions. At that time I realize I am at the right place. My treatment was successful and I gave birth to a baby boy. 


Not many clinics in India have the combination of excellent doctors, the most modern equipments & technology and state of the art facilities all available under one roof. So I believe that it just not an IVF clinic, it’s the whole world of opportunities for IVF patients.  


Patient often concern about the success rate of IVF. Mother’s Lap has got the reputation to deliver the highest success rate with IVF treatment and that too in affordable cost. I have been successfully treated here and earn my life’s biggest asset in the form of my child.


Being an infertility patient, it is always tough to control your emotion if the doctor treats you like your own. They care your problem as if your success means everything to them. This is something not practical these days. Such down to earth approach can overwhelmed anybody.


After six years of trying to conceive finally I got success with due care and treatment in right direction at Mother’s Lap IVF clinic. For IVF success, I think until we don’t converge with the right doctor success keep eluding with us as it happened in my case until I met Dr Shobha Gutpa.


I am so happy and so is the whole team of IVF specialists at Mother’s Lap as they worked day and night to make my dream come true. I am a privileged pregnant lady now. I don’t find any reason not to recommend everybody to have their IVF treatment in Mother’s Lap only.

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