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Fertility and Health

Fertility or infertility both are largely consequential with the health index you posses. Your body should be in sound condition in order to catalyst the success of any infertility treatment. If you are trying to get pregnant and you are not paying adequate amount of attention and care towards your health, you might suffered with lots of problem.

We at Mother’s Lap understand the value of getting pregnant and accomplish a delivery without any serious health issue. For that reason, our eminent gynecologists and infertility specialists cater you the most appropriate guidance and direction to enhance your fertility condition to optimum level.

You need an extra bit of diet and nutrition

If you go by the facts most of the infertility cases occurs due to ovulation disorders. It could be prevented through proper diet and lifestyle alteration. Thus, our infertility specialists highly recommend proper diet for the proper ovulation because even the researchers believe that the so-called fertility diet considerably influence the conception in number of women.

A balance and proper diet comprise of all necessary enriched food ingredient such as protein, vitamins, minerals, zinc and antioxidants which leads our body towards healthy fertility. Apart from this, green vegetables, cereals, egg, milk, citrus fruits, liquid intake etc. must be included in your diet. It is also revealed in most of the researches and studies that women who eat fruits, vegetables or beans that are high in iron and women who take iron supplement are more likely to conceive without any unprecedented infertility issues. Maintaining a healthy weight, regular work out and regular health checkups add value to your fertility.

Fertility can be affected by your lifestyle choices as well. That is why restraining yourself from the habit of smoking and taking alcohol will only serve in your favor as these habits not just only crop up serious of health issues but also deprived you of parenthood if not controlled on time. It drastically decreases sperm count in male and increases the risk of ovulation disorders in female. Smoking ages your ovaries and depletes your eggs prematurely.

Too much stress, vigorous physical activities, burning midnight oil, exposure to chemical and toxin condition are the other ways to deplete your potential fertility.

At Mother’s Lap, Our fertility specialist provide extensive counselling and proper planning to reduce and curb the impact of your lifestyle choices on your fertility and boost your chances of getting pregnant in safe and healthy manner.

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