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Egg sperm and Embryo Freezing

Medical advancement has brought an amazing provision for those who wants to delay their pregnancy or preserve their fertility and family building options, through frozen embryo transfer. Freezing of sperm, eggs and embryos are the most effective and tried and true preservation option for women and men.

Vitrification or cryopreservation is relatively new technique used in IVF process. By this method the eggs, sperm or embryos are stored at -196 degree in liquid nitrogen to sustain its viability for longer period of time. The process uses higher concentration of cryoprotectants and much faster cooling rates than traditional cooling methods.The eggs are cooled in tiny straws and freeze at the rate of several thousand degrees per minute. Mother’s lap is equipped with state of the art facility and highly adept medical staff to execute the whole process of vitrification.

Sperm donation India is provision through which a person can donate their healthy sperm for the cause to achieve pregnancy to a woman. Through sperm donation India one can be the part of the initiative to bring joy in other’s life. The process of cryopreservation is being used for several decades and it has been yielding results in many relevant infertility cases. It is extensively fruitful for those women who have been diagnosed with cancer or been through chemotherapy or radiation treatment where their eggs are often permanently damaged. With the technique of fertility preservation options you can freeze your eggs or embryos before the commencement of cancer treatment. With most of the women go infertile after the cancer treatment; you can have your own biological children after the completion of cancer treatment with the help of frozen egg with your future partner.

For anybody wants to be the part of our sperm donation India, must fulfill the following criteria:
  • Age should be between 21 to 38 years.
  • Producing healthy and high quality sperm.
  • No genetic health issues of their blood relatives.
  • Having a healthy medical history without any chronic issues.
  • Must not be suffering or suffered from any infectious or genetically transmitted disease.
Mother's lap is one of the fewer IVF clinics in India thatfacilitates their patients with this exuberant egg, sperm and embryo frozen technique and helps you to achieve your dream. We have the team of dedicated and efficient staff to render the best infertility services in India.

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